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About company

Joint Stock Company "Academician V.P. Makeyev Space Rocket Centre" is a strategic holding company of the national defense-industrial complex and space-rocket industry, a leading developer of liquid- and solid-propellant strategic complexes with ballistic missiles, and one of the largest research-and-design centers for the development of space-rocket hardware. Nearly seventy years of creative activities and selfless labor of scientists, designers, production and testing workers of SRC and co-executors have resulted in the development and production of three generations of missile complexes, eight base missiles and sixteen modifications that have been making up a basis for strategic sea-based nuclear forces of the USSR and Russia.

Space-rocket projects are the important part of the enterprise activities. SRC cooperates with leading world space agencies, participates in national and international programs for the development of innovative and advanced technologies.

The enterprise has a well developed industrial and experimental facilities to conduct full-scale tests of rocketry as well as samples of the national economy products. The created Certification Test Centre (CTC) became one of the conversion ways for utilization of the experimental base. The CTC is accredited for certification testing of electric engineering, machine building products, medical appliances and equipment; Launch Vehicles and payloads, engines, control systems and systems of pre-launch maintenance, launchers and their components; construction materials, products and structures.

The scientific and technical potential of the enterprise in combination with high expertise of its staff permit getting good results in the development of various science-intensive products and equipment (including import-substituting) for different branches (oil and gas, medical, construction, etc.).

At various times civil products of Makeyev SRC became laureates in competition "20 best products of the Chelyabinsk Region" and the Russian National Program "100 best products of Russia". Among the laureates are the Miaskit End Closure for gas mains (2010), an acoustic detection station for monitoring integrity of axle-bearings of moving freight stock (2011), a set of equipment for remedial gas supply (2012), an X-ray system for preventive treatment of donor blood and its components (2013), the Shtil-Sineva LV, an honor of the Fartherland (2008).

The benefits

The SRC personnel skilled in key technical directions: machinery, material science, telecommunications, etc.

High-rise production standards

Mighty experimental base

The enterprise was awarded with high-prestige government decorations: the Order of Lenin (1975), the Order of the October Revolution (1984), the Order of the Red Banner of Labour (1961), a Letter of Thanks from the RF President (2009), a Certificate of Honour from the Government of the Russian Federation (2012).

The Makeyev SRC scientific potential is presented by 1 Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 10 Doctors and 27 Candidate of Sciences in 17 scientific specialties, more than 600 developments were declared inventions. Many scientists, designers, technologies, workers were awarded with decorations of the USSR and Russia.

Makeyev SRC participates in international, all-Russian and regional exhibitions devoted to issues of the development of strategic weapons. SRC specialists participate in Russian and foreign science-technical conferences.

The inviolable principles of the SRC activity are high engineering level, novelty and reliability of designs, unconditional fulfillment of partnership obligations.

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