ГРЦ Макеева

Joint Stock Company

Academician V.P.Makeyev

State Rocket Centre


Makeyev SRC is a strategic holding company of the national defense-industrial complex and space-rocket industry, a leading developer of liquid- and solid-propellant strategic complexes with ballistic missiles, and one of the largest research-and-design centers for the development of space-rocket hardware.

Under the Soviet Government Resolution dated December 16th, 1947 the enterprise was established in the form of a Special Long-Range Missile Bureau with laboratories and an experimental shop, in 1948 named Special Design Bureau № 385 (SKB-385), in 1966 renamed Machine Building Design Bureau (KBM), in 1993 entitled to State Rocket Centre (SRC) "Academician V.P. Makeyev Design Bureau". In 2008 the enterprise was reorganized to Open Joint Stock Company "Academician V.P. Makeyev State Rocket Centre" (ОАО "Makeyev GRTs"), in 2015 it became Joint Stock Company "Academician V.P. Makeyev State Rocket Centre" (Makeyev SRC).

In the national defense-industrial complex SRC holds a specific place by creating outstanding missile systems over the whole period of its existence. Nearly seventy years of creative activities and selfless labor of scientists, designers, production and testing workers of SRC and co-executors have resulted in the development and production of three generations of missile complexes, eight base missiles and sixteen modifications that have been making up a basis for strategic sea-based nuclear forces of the USSR and Russia. In each missile complex under development solved fundamental problems favored the establishment of domestic naval missile building, the achievement of qualitative results surpassing the world analogues, which contributed to the deployment of an effective naval component of the Russian strategic nuclear forces.

The SRC products form an integral part of the modern rocketry.

In 2002 the Stantsia missile (R-29RMU1) with warheads of increased safety was put into service, and in 2003 the RF State Prize was awarded for this work. In 2006 the Stantsia-2 (R-29RKU2) SLBM was put into service. In 2007 a missile complex with the Sineva (R-29RMU2) missile was commissioned to the Navy. The Sineva missile ensures strategic deterrence and, being an important element of the national military strategy within the next decades, is currently the basis for strategic sea-based nuclear forces of Russia. In 2006 the missiles of the class were successfully launched from the North Pole and in 2008 a firing range of more than 11,000 km was demonstrated. In 2014 a sea-launched missile complex (D-9RMU2.1) with the Lainer (R-29RMU2.1) missile went into service. The Lainer missile along with all the modifications of R-29RMU missiles excels in power-and-mass ratio all modern strategic missiles of NATO, China, Russia.

At present Makeyev SRC is engaged in the development of the Sarmat R&D for creation of a strategic ground-silo-based missile complex. New tasks set by the Government before Makeyev SRC for the generation of strategic deterrent nuclear forces reconfirm high scientific and technical potential of the enterprise, its authority as the largest Russian research-and-design center for the development of space-rocket systems.

Space-rocket projects are the important part of the enterprise activities. SRC cooperates with leading world space agencies, participates in national and international programs for the development of innovative and advanced technologies. Since 2001 experimental spacecraft have been launched to try out advanced technologies of new vehicles for interplanetary transfers and missions related to landing on other planets and recovery under real flight conditions. By an order of the Air Launch Aerospace Corporation SRC is developing a promising airborne space-rocket complex for launching satellites into various orbits practically from any airspace point without expensive ground launch facilities. In cooperation with the European Space Agency RVs for investigation of their aerothermodynamic characteristics are preparing to launch.

To ensure defense support of the Russian Federation, preserve and develop scientific and production potential of the space-rocket industry, mobilize resources for the creation of high-performance strategic missile complexes and under the Decree of President of the Russian Federation in 2009 on the basis of the State Rocket Centre ОАО "Makeyev GRTs" was established as an integrated structure consisting of leading enterprises for the creation of strategic missile complexes. Joint Stock Company "Krasnoyarsk Machine-Building Plant", Joint Stock Company "Miass Machine Building Plant", "Germes Research Institute Joint Stock Company", Joint-Stock Company "Zlatoust Machine Building Plant" became its members.

The integrated structure has the following priority activities: the development, production, updating, operation and elimination of strategic missile complexes; development and production of commercial spacecraft and launch systems; assistance in launching spacecraft of domestic and foreign partners, including launches with launch vehicles converted from serial SLBMs.

Makeyev SRC as a system integrator of large projects works in cooperation with research institutes and design bureaus, pilot plants and testing grounds involved in the creation, manufacture and flight tests of space-rocket hardware. The enterprise has scientific and technological potential, and up-to-date industrial and experimental facilities to conduct full-scale tests of space-rocket systems. Coupled with production facilities of the cooperating enterprises SRC has ample opportunities to get nuclear-missile parity of Russia, solve space exploration tasks, develop and manufacture science-intensive products and national economy equipment.
The inviolable principles of the SRC activity are high engineering level, novelty and reliability of designs, unconditional fulfillment of partnership obligations.

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