Wind Turbine
ГРЦ Макеева

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Academician V.P.Makeyev

State Rocket Centre

Wind Turbine

Makeyev SRC is engaged in the development of small (up to 100 kW) vertical axis Wind Turbines (WTs).

WTs under SRC development are ones of the most effective in the world with a wind power efficiency (power factor) of up to 43-45% at a specific speed (a ratio of linear velocity of blades to wind speed) from 2.5 to 6.

Key features of turbines under SRC development:

  • a uniquely shaped rotor and blades of optimal profile ensure high efficiency for any wind direction. Self-running at a start-up wind speed of 3.5 m/s, smooth operation, the ability to catch gusts of wind, low noisiness can be referred to their merits;;
  • no feathering mechanisms for swiveling towards wind stream;;
  • a rotor aerodynamic braking can be applied in a gale-strength wind. WT spin rate coming up to 180 rpm in a further strengthening wind can be stabilized with aerodynamic brakes and the WT does not reach its point of breakage;;
  • for operation in frigid climate conditions, e.g., in Far North, the WT blades are equipped with a special film to eliminate icing of the blade surface;;
  • in-house design of a brushless generator to be integrated in a hub with a specially designed system of bearings allows to reduce torque losses to the utmost;;
  • well-established cooperation ties with developers of advanced electric power equipment.
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