Military missile complexes
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Military missile complexes

SRC has designed and commissioned to the Navy of the USSR and Russia three generations of missile complexes, eight base missiles and sixteen modifications that have been making up a basis for strategic sea-based nuclear forces of the USSR and Russia. In total about four thousand up-to-date serial sea-based missiles were manufactured, of them more than one thousand two hundred were fired. Successful launches amounted to more than 96%. Moreover, the R-17 land mobile tactical missile of the 9K72 complex, to be launched from a powered launcher assembly, has been commissioned to the Navy. For more than 30 years the missile has been in service in the USSR and abroad. In each missile complex under development the fundamental problems were solved providing the formation of domestic sea-based missile building, achievement of qualitative results excelling world analogues, which contributed to establishment of the effective naval component of the Russian strategic nuclear forces. At present the Stantsia-2, Sineva and Lainer missile complexes are in service.

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