R-29 missile
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R-29 missile

R-29 is the first in the world intercontinental sea-based missile with an all-welded body and engines submerged in the fuel and oxidizer tanks. For the first time the penetration aids were deployed aboard the missile. R-29 is the first combat missile with celestial correction of the flight trajectory. It is the first missile fired from high Arctic latitudes. With an increase in throw-weight the Р-29 missile allowed the improvement of firing accuracy, any-weather launching and autonomous combat use, ripple firing, underwater launching with tighter arranged layout of the missile and its launcher in a submarine silo.

1.5-fold increase in the combat load weight and 3-fold rise in firing range were due to increased dimensions and launch weight of the missile; fuller usage of the potential of shells with wafer-type ribbing; the two-stage missile configuration with the 2nd stage engine accommodated in the 1st stage oxidizer tank; development of a principle of combining some structural elements in one of them; application of pyrotechnical devices to destruct rigid links between the missile and separable elements, and application of energy of the tank/warhead section pressurization gases for separation. Automation of daily maintenance, prelaunch preparation, and firing allowed an interrupted salvo launching of submarine missiles.