R-29R missile
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R-29R missile

R-29R of the D-9R complex is the first in the world intercontinental sea-based missile equipped with a MIRV, and capable of being armed with a different number of warheads. A complete celestial correction system was placed aboard the missile and its firing accuracy was significantly improved; high-speed small-size reentry vehicles with low dispersion at the atmospheric phase of the trajectory were created. The ground equipment, launch system, daily and prelaunch maintenance system were largely uniform to the D-9 complex. The high flight performance was achieved, the combat effectiveness was increased by 3 fold mainly due to three MIRV warheads of the middle power class. Two-fold firing accuracy, an advanced celestial correction system, and missile ammunition load increased by one third had a significant effect on the effectiveness.

The R-29R missile was carried by the 667BDR nuclear submarines..