R-29RM missile
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R-29RM missile

R-29RM is a liquid-propellant intercontinental three-stage missile of the D-9RM complex to arm the 667BDRM submarines. The creation of the R-29RM missile was a logical sequel of the activities for improvement of naval strategic weaponry: a positive experience of the R-27, R-29, R-29R missile development and operation was used. The D-9RM complex also became a full-scale development ensuring the improvement of combat properties due to the increased number and power of warheads, maximum firing range, improved firing accuracy, increased capabilities to deploy warheads to individual points of aiming within an area of arbitrary shape. A high-accuracy astroinertial control system using GLONASS was first introduced along with the celestial correction system. The R-29RM missile was developed with two types of MIRV warheads: a new generation warhead of the middle power class and a high-speed warhead of the low power class.