R-39 missile
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R-39 missile

The R-39 missile of the D-19 complex was the first native sea-based solid-propellant missile put into service. The R-39 design embodied characteristics traditional for native naval weaponry: an intercontinental range of firing, instant readiness for the missile launching, a high firing rate at launches from a submerged or a surfaced submarine, a circular firing sector, all-weather combat use. The missile is armed with a multiple warhead comprising a control system equipment bay, a two-chamber liquid-propellant engine and reentry vehicles. Ten reentry vehicles are arranged around the 3rd engine rear part. Despite a shock-absorbing missile launch system available in the front part, which replaced the launcher and ensured the missile protection at off-nominal submerging of a submarine, the missile structure allowed the replacement of reentry vehicles and the equipment bay without unloading the missile from a silo. The missile and complex breakthrough technologies were implemented in structural, thermal-protective and erosion-resistant materials.

Besides the R-39 missile, the D-19 complex and a submarine of Project 941, a new shore-based system was created as a part of the Taifun strategic sea-based system.