Space-rocket developments
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Space-rocket developments

In 1990s SRC started to develop space-rocket hardware based on combat missile technologies. The initiatives were supported by the Navy and Ministry of Defense. In June 1992 a Government Decree was issued permitting the enterprise to create commercial space-rocket systems on the basis of retrofitted SLBMs for ground, air and sea launches. The works were carried out in the following areas:

- launches from submarines of retrofitted missiles carrying recoverable vehicles into the upper layers of the atmosphere or space to conduct researches, obtain materials and biologicals under microgravity conditions;

- creation of launch vehicles based on SLBMs to inject small-size spacecraft;

- design of space-rocket complexes on the basis of technical solutions developed for sea- and ground-based missiles;

- development of small spacecraft ("Kompas");

- creation of data measuring complexes ("Miass").

Rapid adaptability to new trajectories, SLBM power-mass perfection along with high reliability and safety enable using them as vehicles to deliver different-purpose payloads to the near space during the firing practice and simulated launches for confirmation and prolongation of operation.

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