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The light-class Shtil, Shtil-2.1, Shtil-2R LVs are based on the R-29RM SLBM and designed to inject small spacecraft into NEOs. The Shtil LV has no world analogs in the level of achieved power-mass perfection, provides the injection of payloads up to 100 kg into orbits of perigee altitude up to 500 km at inclination of 78.9º.

The R-29RM missile is retrofitted into the Shtil LV with minimum modifications, the spacecraft is accommodated on the warhead site in a special capsule ensuring environmental protection. The LV can be launched from a submerged or a surfaced submarine. The flight control system is inertial.

The Shtil-2.1. with a nose fairing is developed to improve payload accommodation conditions. If the LV is equipped with a nose fairing of larger volume and a small-size booster (Shtil-2R), the payload mass increases up to 200 kg and the volume of payload zone increases substantially.

Use of a submarine as a launch complex allows launching the Shtil LVs practically to all orbit inclinations.

In July 1998 two German Tubsat-N and Tubsat-N1 satellites of TU Berlin were successfully injected by the Shtil LV into a NEO. In May 2006 the Kompas small spacecraft was successfully placed into orbit by the Shtil LV.

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