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Kompas spacecraft

SRC in cooperation with IZMIRAN has developed the Kompas small spacecraft to forecast earthquakes on the basis of space and Earth surface measurements of anomalous electromagnetic fields, plasma disturbances and other effects in the ionosphere over the zones of seismic superactivity.

The spacecraft is a small space platform with onboard systems of control, power saving, stabilization and attitude control, thermal control and radiotelemetry measurements. The Kompas experimental prototype was launched in 2001.

In 2006-2007 the Vulkan-Kompas-2 project was implemented. The main objectives of the Kompas-2 micro-satellite launch were flight tests and trials of all basic systems for the creation of a space system to monitor natural and technological disasters. The Kompas-2 small experimental spacecraft designed at SRC within the framework of the Federal Space Program was injected into a NEO on May 26, 2006 by the retrofitted R-29RM sea-based missile (Shtil).

The Kompas-2 total mass is 80 kg, including 20 kg of scientific equipment.

The Small Space Platform designed at SRC is intended to promptly create spacecraft by the accommodation of special-purpose equipment on it.

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