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The Zyb LV is based on the R-27 missile and designed to conduct experiments under microgravity conditions to obtain ultrapure semiconducting materials and alloys, and for fast refinement of medicines in an artificial electrostatic field. Three launches of the Zyb LVs with the Sprint and Efir scientific and technological modules developed in cooperation with COMPOSIT LLC and the Center of Space Biotechnologies were made from the 667BDR submarine in 1991–1993. The Sprint module is designed to try out processes for obtaining semiconducting materials with a refined crystal structure, superconducting alloys and other materials under microgravity conditions. The Efir module with the Meduza biotechnological equipment is used to study a technology of biological material purification and receive especially pure biological and medical products by electrophoresis.

The unique samples of silicon monocrystals and some alloys (Sprint) were received, and in the Meduza experiments a possibility to refine biologicals in space in conditions of short-term microgravity was confirmed under the studies of the alfa-2 antiviral and anticancer interferon. It was proved in practice that in Russia an effective procedure of experiments under the short-term microgravity conditions is developed using sea-based ballistic missiles.

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