Test Center
ГРЦ Макеева

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Academician V.P.Makeyev

State Rocket Centre

Test Center

The Makeyev SRC Test Center is used for investigations and tests of space systems and missiles, products of transport, power, chemical and construction industries, medical equipment and household appliances.

The Test Center is accredited by the RF Federal Accreditation Service and is located in ten industrial buildings with modern test facilities.

The Test Center performs:

  • strength tests (static loads, dynamic loads, bending, tension, compression, torque, cyclicity);
  • structure leakage tests;
  • mechanical tests (dimensions, tolerances of surface shapes and positions, surface roughness, coating hardness, gaps in moving components, lever opening forces, tensile and compression loads, tightening torques, etc.);
  • evaluation of product vibrational loads and noise characteristics;
  • functional checks of automation, control and protection systems;
  • impact tests (impact strength, impact resistance, single impacts, multiple impacts);
  • vibrational tests (vibration strength, vibration resistance, harmonic actions, broad-band random vibration);
  • seismic resistance tests;
  • electrical safety tests (leak currents, insulation electric resistance, insulation electric strength, grounding, resistance to short-circuit current, air gaps, insulation leakage paths and distances, overload protection, tracking, blocking, etc.);
  • electrical tests (consumed power, current, voltage, volume resistivity, closing and rupturing capacity, voltage waveform distortion factor, etc.);
  • verification of paint and other nonmetallic coatings;
  • verification of element heating temperatures in different operation conditions;
  • environmental resistance (heat resistance, cold resistance, temperature cycling, humidity resistance, hoarfrost and dew effects, sun effects, salt mist effects, corrosion resistance);
  • fire safety (open flame attack, control of defective joints, red-hot wire tests, heat resistance and fire resistance tests);
  • tests of charge and discharge characteristics of power supply units and accumulators;
  • verification of protection against intrusion of foreign objects and water;
  • transverse stability of automotive machinery (stand turnover);
  • electromagnetic compatibility of products;
  • radiographic, ultrasonic and electromagnetic control;
  • vacuum and zero-gravity tests of missile and space systems;
  • tests of rocketry control systems on a comprehensive simulation stand;
  • hydrodynamic tests of models in hydrodynamic tunnels and a hydrodynamic basin;
  • pneumohydraulic tests of units and systems;
  • calibration of flow meters and cold water meters.

Composition and basic characteristics of test complexes

The Test Center comprises:


Contacts: (3513) 28-63-24; 28-61-89; 28-64-27

(3513) 28-62-30 - strength tests;

(3513) 28-62-47 - vibration and dynamic tests;

(3513) 28-62-38 - corrosion-climatic tests;

(3513) 28-62-64 - vacuum and zero-gravity tests, acoustic tests;

(3513) 28-62-44 - hydrodynamic tests;

(3513) 28-62-07 - comprehensive simulation stand tests, radiation and electromagnetic effect tests;

(3513) 28-62-21 - antenna tests;

(3513) 28-62-67 - electromagnetic compatibility tests.

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