Static strength test complex
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Static strength test complex

Designed for static and cyclic tests. The tests are performed on load stands, in a room on a reinforced floor and a reinforced wall.

The complex comprises:

  • A test room. The test room dimensions are 66?30 m. The room has a reinforced floor, a reinforced wall, two bridge cranes of 10/50 tf load capacity each.
  • Load stands. The load stands have a floor and two reinforced walls. The maximum load on each meter of any slot is up to 100 tf. The total load on the stand floor is up to 2,000 tf. The dimensions of the reinforced floor is 5,900?4,400 mm and 5,000?3,800 mm, the wall height is 5,300 mm.
  • Pumping equipment. Stationary and mobile pumping stations to load objects with pressure (water, oil) up to 150 MPa and evacuate up to -0.09 MPa are available. The mobile pumping stations provide testing at the customer’s site.
  • Power equipment. The available stock of hydraulic power cylinders can generate unit forces up to 100 tf. The number of unit force points is up to 20. The loading mode is static. Quasidynamic loading up to 75 tf within 0.1 - 10 Hz is feasible.
  • Pressure tanks to load products up to 3 m in diameter and 10 m in height with external water pressure up to 7.5 MPa.
  • A measurement system. The measurement system provides measuring of forces, pressures, displacements, relative deformations, accelerations, temperatures. Special modules are used for static and quasidynamic tests. The number of measurement channels is up to 1,000.
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