Hydrodynamic test complex
ГРЦ Макеева

Joint Stock Company

Academician V.P.Makeyev

State Rocket Centre

Hydrodynamic test complex

Designed for hydrodynamic tests of models in hydrodynamic tunnels and a hydrodynamic basin, pneumohydraulic tests of units and systems in a deep-water stand.

The complex comprises:

  • large high-speed hydrodynamic tunnels with vertical and horizontal sections:section diameter - 1.2 m, length - 4 m, speed of flow in the working section - up to 30 m/s, range of preset attack angles - up to ± 18 deg.;
  • an open hydrodynamic test basin: basin dimensions - 3*12*27 m, speed of self-propelled test models - up to 40 m/s, model weight - up to 100 kg;
  • a deep-water stand: diameter - 3.2 m, height - 10 m, pressure - up to 56 kgf/cm2.