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The Makeyev SRC administration and a delegation of the Republic of Korea's Embassy in Russia discussed possible fields for cooperation

04 october 2017

Mr. Degtiar, General Director/General Designer of Makeyev SRC, complimented Mr. Ro-byug, the Republic of Korea's Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Russia, his colleagues from the Embassy, and invited to conversation.  At the beginning of his word of salutation Vladimir Degtiar noticed that research and technology success of Korean specialists is well-known all over the world and reminded that SRC has experience of cooperation with the Republic of Korea. In 1997, first contacts with the Korean Aerospace Institute specialists were made and later - with Samsung Corporation. Joint projects were developed for several years, but unfortunately, neither of them reached practical realization for various reasons.

'Our today meeting is held on the eve of the 70th anniversary of Makeyev SRC', pointed out Vladimir Degtiar. 'I'm completely sure that you are well informed about history and achievements of our enterprise: Makeyev SRC has designed and commissioned to the Navy three generations of missile complexes, eight basic Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missiles (SLBMs) and sixteen modifications that have been making up a basis for strategic sea-based nuclear forces of the USSR and Russia. And now we are not standing still, but hardly working at the creation of advanced research and technology designs in the area of military and space-rocket hardware.'

Vladimir Degtiar drew attention of the guests to the fact that Makeyev SRC has a unique experimental base, where a complete cycle of ground testing of rocketry including flight imitation in real space conditions (vacuum and no gravity) is carried out. 

The participated in the meeting were apprised of the key Makeyev SRC's results in the area of military and space-rocket hardware, examples of cooperation with foreign partners, which, by the way, covers all continents of the globe. 

Park Ro-byug, in his turn, sincerely thanked for warm welcome and pointed out that meeting with Makeyev SRC administration was an additional impulse to set strategic partnership in view of the 3rd Eastern Economical Forum's results, recently took place in Vladivostok. 

During the Miass meeting, a principle agreement related to the renewal of contacts and the discussion of certain mutually profitable projects was reached.  The parties were unison in opinions that there is a wide field for scientific and practical activities and expressed readiness for cooperation.

'The 3rd Eastern Economical Forum held in September in Vladivostok is a solid background for our further mutually profitable activity', noted Vladimir Degtiar summing up at the end of the meeting. 'And negotiations conducted at the Forum between President of Russia Vladimir Putin and President of the Republic of Korea Moon Jae-in, confirmed commitment to strengthening strategic cooperation. Our countries are particularly concerned with close collaboration in the context of the going-on fourth industrial revolution. I hope that by virtue of today's visit we will be able to enhance the quality level of collaboration with the Republic of Korea.'

The visit was exceptionally business.  Being lack of free time, the guests were able to see a piece of our Urals' pearl - the Turgoyak Lake only from the 11th floor of the Neptun Business Centre. The guests voiced hope to get deeper acquaintance with Miass and its surroundings during their next visit when they would submit concrete proposals for further cooperation.

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