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Academician V.P.Makeyev

State Rocket Centre

Put into service for Gazprom October 13th, 2016 SRC-designed Miaskit End Closure (MEC) started operation in Pochinki – Yaroslavl trunkline

13 october 2016

The scientific-technical potential of Makeyev SRC and high expertise of its staff are the basis for the enterprise successful operation in conversion trends. The SRC specialists created samples of science-intensive and competitive products for production and support in different industrial branches. One of the samples is the MEC for launching and receiving traps of intratubular devices of trunklines. Its design is patented and became a laureate in the Russian National Program "100 best products of Russia" of the Year 2010. Its engineering level is of the best brands in the world, it costs lower than its foreign analogs, and these make it highly competitive.

MEC, 720 mm in work diameter, has been in successful operation for the Volkhovstroy gas compressor station since 2012. In September 2016 the facility equipped with the gas pipeline end closure 1,400 mm in work diameter was put into service. It became feasible due to a policy of import substitution adopted by the administration of Gazprom invest, a Gazprom's subsidiary.

Upon tendering procedures in 2015 financing of the reconstruction of a pigging station for receiving pigs at the 464th km of Pochinki – Yaroslavl trunkline was opened. The pigging station equipped with MEC was made at Salavatneftemash and shipped off to the construction site in July.

Organizational and technical issues on the application of a MEC sample 1,400 mm in work diameter available at the enterprise were addressed in an expeditious manner. Gazprom Transgaz Ukhta, a subsidiary exploiting the pipeline, was rendered the required assistance in implementation of the new technical device.

MEC putting into service offers a challenge for implementation of the closure in facilities of the Force of Siberia gas transmission system.

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